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Does Initio’s Absolute Aphrodisiac Live up to Its Name?

by Zoe Bowker

We have to say, we’re immediately impressed at how well Absolute Aphrodisiac lives up to its rather ambitious moniker. Fresh-cut white flowers burst forth at first spray, swiftly making way for lush notes of cotton candy and burnt sugar, the true curtain openers for Initio’s Absolute Aphrodisiac. It’s soft and sweet, yet seductive and bold.

Lashings of high-quality vanilla, amber, and musk make this scent playfully alluring as it settles in, with castoreum invoking a carnal leather note that ensures this scent leans more towards delightfully heady than cloying. Put this all together and you’ve got a serious love potion here. It’s an incredibly sexy scent, but not in a super saccharine, Victoria’s Secret-cheap-mall-fragrance way…we’re definitely in darker, more adult Agent Provocateur territory (but what we’re dealing with here is much better than their fragrances, in our opinion). It has a Serge Lutens vibe about it (think Ambre Sultan meets Un Bois Vanille) but we feel there’s more complexity in Initio’s offering. We’d put this firmly in the gourmand category. If you like Mugler’s Angel, this could be a nice niche upgrade to try.

Be warned, Absolute Aphrodisiac is more boudoir than boardroom so apply with caution…this is serious date night material. We’re head over heels.

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Top: White flowers
Heart: Vanilla, White Musk
Base: Amber, Castoreum, Leather
Season: Autumn, Winter
Destinations: Paris, New York, Milan

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