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We Review the Indulgent Wynn Palace Macau: Is All That Glitters Gold?

An in-depth room tour of Wynn Palace Macau's Executive Suite

by Zoe Bowker

In the Las Vegas of the East, who better to perfect the casino-meets-hotel formula than Nevada’s own Wynn? With their second property in Macau (the original is in the older section of Macau, near Grand Lisboa), the shiny new Wynn Palace Macau is taking the Cotai Strip by storm. It’s delightfully over-saturated and warm-hued… all gold, gold, gold, bright lights and colorful floral displays. We can feel the Casino-esque exuberance and over-indulgence the moment we step in the door, as we are greeted by a giant phoenix rising from a Faberge egg (yes, really) – and we love it. When you’re on Macau’s newest strip of mega casinos, we think you want a bit of casino kitsch – and Wynn Palace carries it off with style. You can even take a sky-cab (gondola, that is) to enter the hotel, swooping over a giant fountain a la Dubai Mall (it’s the same one we think) and giant golden dragons. Oh so Vegas-meets-Asia.

We check in at the Wynn Palace Macau VIP registration, being handed a large fold-out map (yes, it’s that huge) and our key cards in a velvet pouch – a nice touch. We’re booked into a spacious Executive Suite, clocking in at 89sqm, and from the moment we open the door, we definitely like it. The suite’s bar area greets you first, equipped with Nespresso machine, two fridges (one automatic mini bar and one for personal beverages), premium beverage glasses and everything you need to make the perfect cup of tea (I’ll stick to the Nespresso, thanks).

The living room features a huge 65″ TV, lounge and a desk setup under the TV with a Bang & Olufsen bluetooth speaker and happily, plenty of places to charge your devices. Our suite overlooks the airport runway, admittedly not for everyone, but which we really don’t mind at all. We’re not here for a view, let’s face it. Rather surprisingly, the Wynn Palace Macau is right next to the airport. It’s so close it’s practically an airport hotel, yet it simultaneously sits at the head of the Cotai strip. Rather convenient, really, if you’re able to fly direct into Macau.

The bedroom contains yet another 65″ TV, but the real star is the delightfully comfortable king size bed fitted out with plush down pillows and 507 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets. It’s an absolute dream to sleep in (but there’s a pillow menu if you’d prefer something other than the standard selection). The bedsides are wonderfully well equipped – both sides feature pop-up international power outlets, USB charging ports, easy-to-use tablets that control everything in the suite, and one side features another Bang & Olufsen bluetooth speaker too. What more can you ask?

The dressing area linking the bedroom with the opulent bathroom contains one of the room’s best features – Wynn’s insanely soft and squishy slippers. If you can resist not slipping these into the suitcase to take home, I applaud you. In fact, all the amenities are well executed in Wynn Palace Macau’s Executive suite. The gold comb, gold toothbrush and gold razor feel right at home here, and super sized Molton Brown toiletries come beautifully scented with coco and tonka bean. If that all sounds rather lovely, let us tell you – it definitely is, but it is upstaged by one item that’s not usually highlighted in the pages of this website – the toilet paper. A strange thing to mention? Definitely. But when something surprises us by being this decadent, it’s worth a mention. This is next level toilet paper, the likes of which we’ve never seen in the UAE. (We even went to far as to enquire as to who crafts this roll worthy of royalty, and we were informed it’s Charmin’ from the USA – but we think this is the variety used in the hotel public restrooms, not the suites. We will endeavor to track down this princely paper!)

This is Macau, of course, so naturally part of the appeal of Wynn Palace Macau is it’s casino – and one of the very best. It’s rather similar to Wynn Macau in the older part of town, just a little newer and a little shiner. If you are a fan of both gambling and wine, then this is definitely the place to stay. When you’re gambling, wines (and some other beverages) are on the house – just wave down a friendly attendant. It’s nice to see Vegas-style casino hospitality has come to Macau, with both Wynns offering this benefit (most casinos in Macau do not). Just another reason why Wynn is the ultimate choice for your Macau stay. It’s also one of the newest, prettiest and most comfortable casinos in Macau – we love it.

If you can steal yourself away from the casino floor, why not use some of those winnings to indulge at one of Wynn Palace Macau’s many dining establishments? Wynn Palace Macau has a plethora of wonderful dining options, most of which are a version of Wynn Macau’s restaurants (or Wynn Las Vegas). Our absolute favourite was SW Steakhouse, which at first glance appears to be a super elegant, lush steakhouse – but just wait until the wall of the restaurant opens to reveal a world-class mini-theatre experience produced with with wonderful ambience, world class service and fabulous food. Mizumi offers top notch Japanese, (strawberry fans, you can taste a whopping 13 individual varieties here) and there are a multitude of options when it comes to local cuisine. You can catch a shuttle bus over to the original Wynn Macau in the old town if you’d like to sample some of their Michelin starred offerings too.

Wynn Palace Macau is truly that – it’s gold, it’s glam, and it’s oh-so-Macau – you won’t even need to leave the hotel and casino unless you really want to! We definitely recommend Wynn Palace Macau and we absolutely can’t wait to return.

The Verdict

Style: Macau kitsch done tastefully. Gold, gold, gold!
Would I return?
I literally cannot wait to return!
Suitable for: Couples in town to enjoy some Casino fun but who also like a decadent room.
Room Type Reviewed: Executive Suite
Room Size: 89sqm, One King Bed
Room Amenities: Two 65″ TVs, Egyptian cotton sheets, pillow menu, bedside USB and international powerpoint, lounge room charging station, two B&O speakers, Nespresso machine, minibar, separate fridge, gold bathroom amenities, Molton Brown toiletries, full size bath, double vanity, dressing room, plush slippers, robes, turndown service, full tablet controlled room automation, air conditioning, safe.
Hotel Amenities: Skycab admission
On request services: Room service
Hotel Facilities: Casino, spa, pool, fitness centre, a large selection of fine dining and casual restaurants

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