Why an Outdoor Television is a Game Changer for Your Outdoor Living Space

by Zoe Bowker

If you thought having a television that will survive outdoors in the UAE heat was impossible, think again…

Spending time in our backyard around the barbecue is our favourite way to spend time with our family and friends, particularly during the UAE’s cooler months. Dubai backyards are full of some of the best outdoor amenities one can have – we chose to install a sunken kitchen, entertaining pool and a putting green – and that’s on the conservative side when compared with the extravagant outdoor designs we see in areas such as Palm Jumeirah. While we loved our space, installing an Apollo Outdoor TV Enclosure really took our outdoor enjoyment to the next level. It’s led to us getting far more use out of our outdoor spaces – we couldn’t imagine our home without it now.

Essentially, the enclosure allows you to pick the television of your choice and protects it from the elements. We opted for a 75″ Sony Bravia due to its wide range of apps available on the Google Play store (including ESPN, Express VPN, LIV Golf and more). We also opted for a higher range model for the best brightness, given how much sunlight we get in the region (any TV will look great once the sun has gone down, but a high-nit model will extend your viewing hours into the afternoon and early evening).

Here’s how we use ours and how you might find an outdoor TV a useful addition to your space.

Beers, Balls and Barbecues

As serious sports fans, we find there is nothing better than watching a game with friends and family while chucking a shrimp on the barbie. Our outdoor TV means we can watch all the sport we want, while also being out in the fresh air and entertaining friends and family. We regularly watch golf, F1 and cricket on our outdoor screen – all from the comfort of our pool with a bevy in hand.


Entertainment for All

An outdoor television creates an entertainment hub and focal point in your outdoor space where everyone can gather. Whether you want to catch up on a TV show, watch a movie, put on something to keep the younger members of the family occupied, even put on a yoga class to partake in al fresco – an outdoor television has unlimited entertainment potential. Our television is viewable from the pool, day bed and the sunken kitchen and dining, while also being on an articulating mount so it can be tilted towards where we are viewing from. If you’re a lover of outdoor movie nights, this will certainly level them up – no more flimsy projector screens with poor quality visuals!

Weather-Resistant and Durable – Even in UAE Conditions

Storm Dubai 3

Apollo Desert Series TV Enclosures are designed for extreme weather conditions. They are waterproof and resistant to sand, dust, insects, and most importantly, the heat. Given how harsh the conditions can be in the UAE, it’s remarkable that these enclosures do such a great job of protecting your investment from the elements. They can be hosed down and never have to be taken inside for the summer. The fan and filter systems operate perfectly in hot (or cold) weather.

To the left you can see what a recent storm in Dubai did to our backyard – and the tv was left unscathed!

If you’re interested in levelling up your outdoor space, you can find more info on how to get an enclosure for your backyard here – Apollo Desert Series Outdoor TV Enclosures from DigiScreens.

Are we glad we took the plunge and invested in an outdoor television enclosure? Absolutely! It’s been an incredible addition to our outdoor living space. It provides entertainment for everyone, is weather-resistant, and the sleek design blends beautifully with our outdoor living space. The only downside is you may find yourself spending a little too much time outdoors…and your friends and family might visit a little more often than you like!

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