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Love Mimosa: Amouage’s New Powdery Floral is Here

by Zoe Bowker

Part of the ‘Secret Garden’ collection, which already highlights classic flowers such as tuberose and lilac, Love Mimosa is the latest creation from Omani fragrance powerhouse Amouage. Released as creative director Christopher Chong prepares to exit the house, Love Mimosa’s pastel yellow bottle is very much indicative of what this scent is all about. It’s gentle, soft and powdery. It’s old fashioned florals, a small handpicked posy on a dressing table at your grandmother’s house. I’m hestitant to use the word ‘grandmother’ when describing scents as it of course conjures up images of soap, pot pourri and linens, but truly this is a scent that has an old world vibe to it.

The scent of mimosa has been described as evoking notes of almond, honey, violet and fresh cucumber, and after smelling Love Mimosa, I’d have to agree wholeheartedly with this sentiment. It’s powdery soft, bordering on soapy, with an initial marine touch (probably owing to the cascalone top note). You’ll find top notes of both Violet and Iris roots (Orris), while the heart boasts, of course, the champion note of mimosa, sitting alongside fresh pear and the synthetic compound paradisone which essentially brings additional floral characteristics – coming through here predominatnly as magnolia and jasmine. As Love Mimosa warms in, Ambrox and heliotrope add the depth that give this scent it’s above average longevity.

When it comes to our personal tastes, we don’t usually delve into powdery scents – but if that’s your cup of tea, this is definitely one you should test drive, and no doubt one that will be popular in the Middle East market.


Top: Violet Leaf, Cascalone, Orris
Heart: Mimosa, Pear, Paradisone
Base: Ylang ylang, Ambrox, Heliotrope
Season: Spring, Summer
Destinations: Nice, Provence, Sicily

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